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Thread: improving heater output?

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    Default improving heater output?

    As I've posted elsewhere I like ski flying and have the Carbon Cub on skis now. It hasn't been a real good ski flying winter so far. But the forecast is for many feet of new snow in the mountains this week.


    I've been a little underwhelmed by the heat output on my Carbon Cub with the O-340. In an attempt to increase the volume of air through the system I added a tube to try and get more air pushed through the tubes and heat muffs:


    To be honest I couldn't tell much difference with this 1.75" diameter aluminum tube pushed into the system entrance. It seemed to me that the hole in the bottom part of the plenum was not in the main airflow stream and that the tube would help that.

    I'm wondering if anyone else has played with this? Perhaps it is as good as it gets as designed. Maybe it is better without the tube I added, if the opening is a designed low-pressure area?

    Anyone have a thought on this?
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    Default Re: improving heater output?

    I have tried something similar. I think we measured something like 6-10% increase in airflow out in the cabin end.

    You might also check the plenum inside the cabin. Look up through the holes the air comes out using a mirror and flashlight. I have seen several where the heat shielding has come unglued and fallen down blocking the airflow.

    Pete D.

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    Default Re: improving heater output?

    Jett battery-operated heated vest....only way to fly. Dan...can't wait to summer to see the new bird. Ralph
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    Default Re: improving heater output?

    This doesn't improve the stock heat output, but would certainly supplement it to keep you a little warmer. I am thinking about putting them in my seats. I looks like some of the RV guys are using them, although I haven't seen any testimonials.


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