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Thread: Tip #2 Leading Edge Skins

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    Default Tip #2 Leading Edge Skins

    One of our fellow Carbon Cub EX builders came up with this way of installing leading edge skins. All you need is 12 1X 4X 6 wooden blocks, six locking clamps, and six ratchet straps. Using the clamps, attach the blocks to the skin between the nose ribs. You will notice that the top two rivets have been installed.
    PA272191 (2).jpg
    Next attach the ratchet straps around the rear spar as shown in the photo below.
    Pulled Tight.jpg
    Attach the front of the ratchet strap to the clamps as shown below.
    Start pulling in the bottom of the leading edge skin. BE CAREFUL NOT TO PULL TO HARD, IT IS POSSIBLE TO BEND THE NOSE RIBS OR THE REAR SPAR. Pull the ratchet straps just tight enough to remove any slack from in between the rib and the skin. The picture below shows the perfect fit. MAKE SURE THE RIBS ARE STRAIGHT AND NOT BENT BEFORE INSTALLING THE BOTTOM RIVET.
    Install the bottom rivet per the picture below and your manual. Now you can release the clamps and remove the clamps, straps, and blocks. Move to the next skin and complete the whole leading edge
    Below is a picture of a completed wing using the system in this tip. Remember to use your manual along with this tip
    Thanks Cliff
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    Default Re: Tip #2 Leading Edge Skins

    Excellent method. Thanks Cliff and Mitch.

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    Default Re: Tip #2 Leading Edge Skins

    We used the same method on our wings which works great. Then, we saw the "duck bill" vise grips which work well if you're going to stretch L.E's often.

    Braze an eye onto the adjuster of the grips to facilitate hooking the straps to and you're ready to pull.

    Ben Redman, GM
    RARE Aircraft Ltd

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