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Thread: Proper oil level for CC340

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    Default Re: Proper oil level for CC340

    Paul you say your oil temp is between 148F and 152F I would think that is about 30F low, mine run 178F -184F do you have a vernatherm?

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    Default Re: Proper oil level for CC340

    Quote Originally Posted by randylervold View Post
    Sorry Paul, yes indeed oil level on the dipstick is the way to measure consumption, I think I misunderstood your comment. Sounds like your engine is breaking in a bit earlier than most if your consumption has stabilized. The other way to know is that your cylinders will typically run 20 cooler than they were when new at the same power setting. Notice any temp differences?
    Hey Randy, now I can report that CHT's have dropped by about 20 degrees at 2100 rpm, just as predicted. Boy she runs nice

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