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Thread: Cargo Net?

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    Default Cargo Net?

    I am the proud owner of Top Cub #46 N767CC. I see in the parts catalog the PA-18 large extended baggage compartment STC comes with a cargo net to keep the two loading sections separate. My Top Cub obviously has the extended baggage but did not arrive with a cargo net. Does this same net work with my airplane? Seems pretty critical given the Vx climb angle of the airplane- I don't want the gear in my 180lb section to end up in the 20lb aft section.



    P.S. With 12.1 hours in the airplane and the ink still drying on my tailwheel endorsement I am having an absolute blast.

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    Default Re: Cargo Net?

    Your are correct, the same net will work in your Top Cub. Give us a call to order.

    Pete D.

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