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    After several hours of open cockpit cross country flying, many of them November thru February, starting from Minnesota, Iíve learned a few tricks to keep warm. I installed my favorite in our Carbon Cub demo, heated clothing. Itís a simple upgrade that can save the day.
    First you need to choose your apparel. All you really need is a heated vest as a base layer and your set. I have used and tested three brands; Gerbingís, Aerostich and BMW motorcycle accessory. I prefer the first two because they have a rheostat temperature control which helps avoid the kiss of death in cold temps, sweating.
    Once you have your clothing picked out its time to get power set up in your bird. Since I ride a BMW motorcycle I always order the heated clothing with the BMW style plug in (male). Therefore I equip the airplane with p/n PSO-008 (female) made by Powerlet Products. On our airplane I placed the plug under the panel on the left hand side. You want to also put an inline fuse between the powerlet and buss. A 10A fuse is sufficient. Youíre now a very warm winter Cub pilot!
    Our interior shop is currently working on setting up heated seats, if it works, Iíll be sure to report the details.
    If you have any questions about the clothing install feel free to contact me.

    Ben Redman, RARE Aircraft Ltd.

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    After moving several feet of snow, we are back in the air and in the extreme Montana cold. I would like to second Ben's recommendation for heated clothing. But, since I am both mechanically and electronically challenged, we use the motorcycle clothing from Jett. It has its own battery which lasts ca. 8 hours and you don't need an extension cord if you get out of the airplane to move around. You just charge the battery while watching Good Morning America, put the garment on, and go. My wife and I flew last week in extreme cold and were both comfortable....Heated motorcycle clothing is a great solution. It would be much better with heated seats...or better yet, heated seat covers. Ben....I have a GSA but don't get to ride it as much as I would like. Looking forward to spring. Ralph

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