Back in May I found my FX-3 prop controls did not allow the governor control arm to be pulled to the low speed stop. I adjusted the control cable length and, at that time, the cockpit levers allowed full range of control between high and low speed stop.

Now I find I have the same problem again. Prop levers move the control arm to the high speed stop but do not reach the low speed stop. I disconnected the cable end at the governor and the governor control arm moves freely between the stops. The cockpit prop control levers seem to be binding up long before they reach the aft end of the control range.

Has anyone else experienced this problem? Can someone, perhaps an EX-3 builder, post details photos and/or drawings of the front and rear prop lever quadrants and linkages showing any areas that could cause restriction of movement?

Just in case anyone asks - yes the friction adjustment was fully released.