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Thread: Wings and Wheels for Wishes- the Maine event! August 13-15 2021

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    Default Wings and Wheels for Wishes- the Maine event! August 13-15 2021

    Wings and wheels for wishes is Getting close to 2 months away now.August 13-15 Its going to be held at my farm/home in Exeter, ME Our event in 2019 raised almost 12000, which was directed to a local young mans wish for a therapy pool. Im hoping he can attend our ceremony Sat afternoon
    Its shaping up like this
    Early birds coming in on thursday I hope to take everyone to my friends house in town who built an authentic wood fired pizza oven. The thing is a work of art, and the pizza is wonderful

    On Friday, everyone loves to go to the coast, so we will be making a lobster roll run somewhere. Trying to find an extra special spot
    Friday night is an ice cream social up to the lake at Dexter. Bush planes only in the field, its kinda short, not bad but not suitable for some. Amphibs can come up the ramp We can take donations that evening

    Saturday is Wings and Wheels for wishes at the Dexter Airport. Its a airplane fly in, and a hot rod cruise in. all benefits go to Maine Make a wish. We will close out the afternoon with a short ceremony in my Hangar. at dusk will be dinner in the Hangar back home in Exeter. Cant promise lobster on the menu this year, its going for north of $14 bucks a pound. Might be a chicken night. In our tradition, we generally pick out someone to roast, JP Russel master of ceremony

    Sunday most folks head home, if you stick around there will be some flying

    We had fabulous donations the last time, from Cubcrafters and Mark Keneston, a T3 tailwheel from the talented Dan Dufault, a nice set of gearlegs from Chuck Kinberger. All went into the silent auction, and raised some big funds. I know its been a crazy 18 months for most folks, but please consider donating something we can put in the silent auction

    Thanks for listening, see you soon at Fairground Field It would be awesome to have more of my cubcrafters family attend

    Jim Crane

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    Default Re: Wings and Wheels for Wishes- the Maine event! August 13-15 2021

    Very cool program to be honest! I've never been to something like this. But I remember my friend's birthday very well, when he decided that he did not want to spend his birthday in a banal way. Many people of different ages at some point come up with the idea to celebrate their birthday in the style of their favorite movie, the traditions of a distant country or a historical era. It's nice to get together with friends and just like that, but in the era of social networks, a series of photos from a themed holiday collects much more likes and comments. He decided to arrange a light party with cool music and audio equipment hire and lighting equipment helped him a lot in this. Everyone was satisfied with the party!
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