yep. Very nice!

Many times (such as me), the wings are build in a garage floor and most garage floors slope towards the outside… usually an inch or 2 is needed on the downhill side. Building the wings needs to be perfectly level… this helps and is easy to do.

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Thanks for your comments and ideas, Dave. I specifically built these because the working height can be adjusted between 32” and 48” in 2” increments. The legs aren’t moved so leveling them is unnecessary. If, for some reason, the adjustable top isn’t level, a shim can easily be placed between it and the top of the main body of the sawhorse. Thus there is no need to level each leg of each sawhorse. As shown in the photo, the top of the front sawhorse is all the way down (32”) and the top on the back sawhorse is all the way up (48”). If I wanted to put my plane on sawhorses and have it in the “flying” position, I’d put the front of the fuselage on the lower sawhorse and the tail on the higher sawhorse, adjusted as necessary. I’ve seen photos on other forums of some very creative ways to achieve the flying position while on sawhorses and most looked very precarious. Lots of ways to skin this cat. My apologies to any and all cat-lovers. No cats were harmed in this discussion.