Good thread, I'm curious about it too. For my cessna I really only have a good set of screwdrivers, oil filter wrench, safety wire, and safety wire pliers. I use a simple 5 gallon bucket to store oil, and it holds enough for 3 or 4 oil changes even on an O-470. My mechanic has a 55 gallon drum that i put the oil in when my 5 gal fills up, he sells the used oil for heating to various establishments. I rely pretty heavily on an A&P for most maintenance and will continue to even if I obtain the repairman certificate for my FX3, at least until I learn A LOT.

How is the oil filter setup on the FX3? Draining the oil, at least on my cessna is the easy part. Getting the cowling off and dealing with the filter is 90% of the job.