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American Legend has used the larger MA-5 carburettor to cool its high compression TITAN CC 340 engine used in Carbon cubs by increasing fuel flow from 13.0 -14.x. To 18 gph

Has anyone succeeded in installing this in Carbon cubs or is it just too big ?

See article below from supercub.org guru Steve Pierce who looks after both Carbon cubs and American Legends
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I have been maintaining a few Titan 340s. ECI spec'd the engine MA4-5 carburetor but it wouldn't fit in the Carbon Cub cowling so Cub Crafters used the MA4SPA 10-3678-32 which is much smaller. There have been several service documents put out by CC to make them run cool. Changing the flywheel for the Lightspeed ignition from 25 degrees to 22 degrees works well. Legend figured it out and went with the MA-5 and no issue.

Cub Crafters is using the CC363 in the FX3 which is fuel injected and has a constant speed prop. I believe Legend is using a version of the 360 in their MOAC (Mother of All Cubs).

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