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Thread: Wiring chart and video

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    Default Wiring chart and video


    I posted these 2 videos and wiring chart in my thread on Building the EX3 - Tips & Hints under the wiring posts but thought it might be handy for others interested in the wiring.

    The Wiring Chart is an attachment here at the bottom that you can download. It's an Excel Spreadsheet that is simple to use by just telling you where each wire (by number) goes.

    Video 1 is just over an hour long and shows getting the wiring all in place:

    Video #2 is almost 30 minutes and shows the completed wiring all bundled and complete:
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    Default Re: Wiring chart and video

    I am amazed how much I have forgotten since wiring the EX seven years ago. Just watched your video. It was a great refresher course. Thanks for posting.

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