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Thread: EarthX and G3X

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    Default Re: EarthX and G3X

    Thanks to Andy for help understanding some details of this.

    My EarthX ETX 680C Battery Management System (BMS) Indicator is wired to display the alert to my Garmin G3X. One 22 AWG wire from the spade connector at the battery to the GEA 24's J244 Connector was wired with the resistor as shown in the Garmin Manual Figure 30-2.2 shown below. I have a much better understanding of how to use the Garmin G3X Installation Manual.

    Screen Shot 2021-03-28 at 8.25.56 PM.png

    I used available GP 5 / pin 31 and GP +12V / pin 50 with the 5K resistor (pull up) for active low. This was the simpler option compared to GP 6 and GP 7 where an additional ground is required. You would need to choose positions available in your particular installation. These were open for me. Configuring or Editing the Discrete input was easier than I expected. Enter G3X Configuration Mode to Engine & Airframe to GEA 24 Discrete to configure the GP discrete connections. Follow the options and choose 'Active Low' where I categorized it 'Red' and named it 'EarthX Alert'. It was easy to finish.

    A function test of the alert was simple as grounding the spade connector at the negative terminal of the battery with a jumper wire....Red alert 'EarthX Alert' warning light illuminates.


    Screen Shot 2021-03-28 at 7.46.05 PM.png
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    Default Re: EarthX and G3X

    The G3X / GEA 24 Volts 1 & 2 is configured to have Red, Yellow and Green bands for a standard lead acid battery. By the time a 12v lithium gets to ~11.5v it is 100% drained. Iím told the normal resting voltage is 13.3v so I'm considering this configuration for Volts 1 with the following settings. Does anyone have any experience with the range I am considering for my G3X? I'm looking for advice.

    • Red: 0-11.5v
    • Yellow + Alert: 11.5-12.5v (alternator not charging)
    • Yellow: 12.5-13.5v (alternator not charging)
    • Green: 13.5-14.9v
    • Yellow: + Alert: 14.9-15.8v
    • Red: 15.8-16.0v

    Below are the Carbon Cub provided Volts 1 and 2 settings from the CC11-160 Base.gca files in Dropbox that have been installed to my G3X. Should I change Volts 2 also?

    • Red + Alert: 10.0-10.8v
    • Yellow + Alert: 10.8-11.5v
    • Yellow: 11.5-12.6v
    • Green: 12.6-15.0v
    • Yellow + Alert: 15.0-15.8v
    • Red + Alert: 15.8-16.0v

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    Default Re: EarthX and G3X

    Suggestion for the voltage ranges:
    The volts for 1 and 2 should be setup according to the type of battery associated to that indication.
    Volt 2 is the ignition backup battery, the rectangular 2 AHr battery in the right "cheek". If your ignition backup battery is still the lead-acid from the factory, do not change Volt 2 alert values.
    If your main battery is an EarthX, I would interpret the following ranges for Volt 1 from their installation manual:

    • Red+Alert: 0-12.6v
    • Yellow+Alert: 12.6-13.5v
    • Green: 13.5-15v
    • Red+Alert: 15-16v

    If you cannot select 0-12.5v for that low volt warning, you may need to change the gauge display range minimum to 0 thus allowing that lowest marking to be set to 0. After setting the gauge marking ranges, I would set the minimum displayed to 11.5v. This way the colored bar shows between 11.5v and 16v which reduces the amount of red displayed, and allowing better display of the yellow and green portions. Alternative to 0-12.6v, the lower Red+Alert range could be 11.5-12.6V and Garmin will interpret anything below that as part of Red+Alert.

    Comment on instrument panel indicator:
    Talking to EarthX, the indication for a weak or failing cell is the main reason for the instrument panel indicator. The G3X system, when properly set, will cover monitoring the voltage.

    Question on EFIS integration:
    I haven't had a chance to investigate the integration between the EarthX and the EFIS yet. Many of the conditions that are indicated with the light are flashing indications. When the EarthX indicator output is connected to an EFIS and programmed as a warning, does the EFIS produce an audible "chime" every time the battery flashes the indicator on? I.E. for the first condition in the fault table, will there be a warning sound every 10 seconds during the 5s on / 5s off flashing until the battery voltage is above 12.8V? Then if a cell is imbalanced, will it continue every 10 seconds until a weak cell is charged and balanced? This seems like it would be distracting, and a good reason to only have a light in the panel? Anyone have experience with this?


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