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Thread: Installing AcmeAero shocks

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    Default Installing AcmeAero shocks

    AcmeAero shocks seem to be popular with Carbon Cub owners. I wonder how many people who fitted them followed the Instruction Manual:

    "Step 5 Install one side of the Black Ops Suspension System
    First, place the top housing with eccentric bushings into the cabane-v with the valve stem facing down. The fit with the bushings should be free but close. You can use the small shims at this point to take up excessive play. Next, place the lower heim with reducer bushings into the lower attachment point at the wheel. The fit should be close and shims can be installed at this point to take up excessive play. Tighten AN bolts to 37ft lbs non-lubricated and 47ft lbs if lubricated."

    What, if anything, is wrong with with this - "Tighten AN bolts to 37ft lbs non-lubricated and 47ft lbs if lubricated."?

    The torque required to get the same bolt tension is always LESS for a lubricated nut/bolt than for a dry nut/bolt.

    This reference suggests a 25% reduction in torque for a lubricated assembly.

    Am I misunderstanding the instruction manual or is it simply wrong?

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    Default Re: Installing AcmeAero shocks

    The only place I can think of where a lubricated thread is recommended on a Cub type airplane are the engine cylinder base studs.

    I installed my Acmes with dry threads. I didnít even notice the lubricated spec. But youíre right, those numbers seem transposed.
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