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Thread: SI0037 - Aft Seat Installation

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    My CFO (Chief Financial Officer) finds the sling seat comfortable but she can't really see up front (that may a good thing as I dazzle her with my superb flying skills).

    So I suspect Andy is correct about dual training improvements.
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    Default Re: SI0037 - Aft Seat Installation

    So, like the front seat, no provision for holding it in the forward tilted position. I would have liked to have seen the video extended to show re-fitting both pins.

    I was particularly interested in seeing the "getting in" part of the video. I can easily get in and out of the front seat of my FX-3 but I find the back seat really awkward. I've been avoiding using the front seat as a hand hold and the frame tubes just aren't in the right places for my height and build.

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    Iím just wondering if anyone has any more information on this option. Is 5k the price for ordering a new airplane with this seat, and did we ever get a weight figure? From reviewing the service instruction, it appears as if the seat would only tilt forward after installation, and that it isnít removable without a fair bit of work with tools, correct?

    Iím not going for a super light STOL drag build so Iím considering this, because I do like to take a friend on flights. However, I'm not sure if the more restricted access to the aft cargo would be worth the tradeoff considering that I'd probably be flying solo 80-90% of the time.
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