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Thread: Periodic check on exhaust baffles

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    Default Periodic check on exhaust baffles

    Recently doing a condition inspection on CC11-160 we found wear on the #4 stack from the heater shroud. These shrouds are fit with bent tynes acting as absorbers for vibration. With time and continued vibration, the shroud can loosen and start to wear holes in your stacks like this one. This example is at 550TT. Please include this as part of your inspection process and tighten as necessary. Thank you Mark
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    Default Re: Periodic check on exhaust baffles

    I also just saw one that had the heater muffs clamped tight against the overlap rather than under the overlap. This created a loose muff and an obvious gap when looking at the ends, but someone missed it on the last install.

    If the slice in the endcap form a V and the bands are tight then likely the overlap is being pinched instead of lapping the other side.


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