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Thread: Leaning Titan 340 at cruise in the SS

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    Default Leaning Titan 340 at cruise in the SS

    HI folks just checking in to see what the prevailing wisdom is on leaning the Titan 340 at cruise.
    I do have a JPI EDM 830 installed
    Welcome any insights from the brains trust.

    1. I understand that given it is a carbureted engine all those LOP and ROP techniques are not practical. Y/N/Maybe !
    2. Is the preferred practical method = lean it out until it starts to run a bit rough then enrichen the mixture a tad whilst watching the CHT/EGT ?

    Best from a smokey and firey downunder.

    Thanks Charles

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    Default Re: Leaning Titan 340 at cruise in the SS

    You'll find that with the carburetor nozzle and intake manifold design that the mixtures are quite evenly distributed in the CC340. More so at cruise than full throttle. Combined with electronic ignition I find I can go quite a way LOP before it runs rough.

    The quick way is to lean until you get 50-100 RPM drop.

    With your JPI you should be able to lean until all cylinders have peaked. Leaning further just reduces power and lowers CHT, but SFC shouldn't change significantly.

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