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Thread: Carb Ice with the 0-200A

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    Default Carb Ice with the 0-200A

    This is my second year with the S1 (SN 28). Plane came from Michigan and previous owner claims to never have had carb ice. I have not experienced it either.

    Yet, I read so many stories of the 0-200 being an "ice maker" that I am always careful and vigilant. I try not to fly unless ambient and dew point differential is 15F (8C). I always use carb heat while decending in the pattern (turn it off on short final). On days that I suspect risk (see photo) carb-ice-potential-chart.jpg I also test carb heat just before takeoff if I have taxied a long way. (Like when doing pattern practice to a full stop.)

    Just did a cross country with ambient of 45F and dewpoint of 28F. At 2500 AGL, outside temp had fallen to 37F. Clouds forming at 4000 AGL. Seemed like high risk (Serious icing while cruising per red chart) for carb ice when crusing at 2250 rpm, so I kept pulling carb heat about every ten minutes or so---and noticed no carb ice. (I run the 52 cartridge on the Sensenich adjustable--so 2250 is my 90-93 mph cruise. If I push the RPM up to 2500, I am way outside of the green arc. Not sure what condiitions are OK outside the green arc---I do know that in central PA below 4000 feet, my little cub moves around a lot--up/down, side to side. ( I dared not let the engine run below 2250. My preferred flying is a little slower 80-85 mph at 2150 RPM. )

    Am I being too careful?

    Is there an CC approval for a carb temp gauge or the optical sensor type for our cc11-100's?

    Appreciate comments and discussion....
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