After only 60 hrs. TT, the paint on the Catto prop on my EX-2 began to flake on both blades along the edge where the paint meets the metal. See photo below. I sent photos to Cub Crafters and they forwarded them on to Catto. I received the following response from Catto:

"Our warranty on paint is 12 months after the prop is shipped."

I responded that given the severity of the flaking, I believed it due to an original factory defect to which Catto responded:

"A refinish is $550. We can cover the cost of shipping for the inconvenience."

Not wanting to be without a prop for a few weeks - it's prime desert adventure time - I masked, primed, and repainted the flaked area with touch up paint (Universal Black) from the local auto parts store. Repainted area is holding up well and not noticeable unless one looks really close.

I recognize that some paint flaking and other dings in the prop are to be expected but not to the extent I've experienced. Has anyone else had similar flaking?