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Thread: Ignition Sensor Installation

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    Default Ignition Sensor Installation

    There are more experienced builders with excellent blogs who have documented installation of the ignition sensor modules. As searching blogs is always a chore for me when I'm looking for specific information, I submit this as a free-standing topic to make it easier to find for those as inexperienced as I am. Not being successful with finding flexible extensions, I stumbled across a different way to install the ignition sensors that was painless and required no special tools. Unfortunately, since I was winging it, I did not take many photos.

    As I implied above, I am not experienced, and fall more on the ignorant and inept side of things. I see 196 have viewed this post since new and I thought it best to insert this edit to my original post. After speaking with a close engineer friend, I am passing on his warning/note. Although I tightened the flywheel during the procedure listed below, I did not torque the nuts. My friend pointed out that when the flywheel bolts are finally torqued, the offset distances will probably change. With that in mind, I'd set the initial offset described below more towards the top side (0.06), which hopefully will keep the final distance in the acceptable range when torqued. The offset distance should be re-checked once the flywheel bolts have been torqued. Thanks for your understanding.

    1. Remove flywheel
    2. Install top and bottom sensors loose enough that they can be slid forward but are not wobbly in the bracket
    3. Replace flywheel
    4. Insert feeler gauge of desire distance (0.03-0.06 per manual) between sensor and flywheel
    5. Slide top sensor firmly against feeler gauge
    6. Place clamps against aft end of top sensor to hold it flush against feeler gauge. I was playing around to see what type and how many clamps I could get, but two, top and bottom, should suffice. Make sure your clamps are snug to the sensor, top and bottom.
    7. Remove flywheel
    8. Ensure top sensor is still flush with clamps
    9. Tighten top sensor bolts
    10. You'll notice in one of the photos that the sensor extends forward of the bracket
    11. Mic the offset (reveal) between the bracket and top sensor, at the top and bottom, and lock your mic. If your clamping was good, the distances at the top and bottom should be the same and your sensor face parallel to the bracket.
    12. Using your mic, set the offset (reveal) for the bottom sensor (top and bottom) and tighten it in place
    13. Replace flywheel
    14. Verify with the feeler gauge that both the top and bottom sensors fall within desired parameters
    15. If you don't like the way things turned out, start over

    Not smart enough to change orientation of photo. Sorry.
    Thanks to all who have helped me, Lord knows I need it.
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    Default Re: Ignition Sensor Installation

    Excellent Lloyd, I'm close to this step so appreciate the technique.
    Dan Arnold

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