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I would think your insurance would consider you as high of risk as your wife if your on the policy as a pilot with 0 tailwheel time, with 850 hrs and instrument rating your insurance doesn’t think that preventing a ground loop which Is usually what cost insurance companies with new TW pilots and cost a lot to fix. I assume your going to do the Tac training as well. These are cub pilots teaching you specifically how to fly these planes and I think insurance companies recognize that specific training.
Yep, I recognize that I'm a similar risk level as my wife, despite having a lot more hours, etc. Heck, I've been flying an aircraft with a yaw damper, NO rudder flying, and mostly autopilot in the flight levels - totally different skills. And yes, I'll do the same TacAero XCub transition course before I get to fly it. Wife gets to do it first though, as it's HER plane, and she wouldn't let me get training and fly it before she did! I'll be flying home with her this weekend, as a passenger.