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    A freind and my wife have been on me for few years about wearing a helmet. Guess theyíve seen me land before. Iíve looked at all the shows always found a reason not to get one price,weight Etc. Last Year Oshkosh I saw a Lift aviation helmet that seemed pretty reasonable priced and felt comfortable. So the owner made me a special deal if I would try one. It took a little while after I got it to send off to get the Bose put in it. I now have 25-30 hrs with it with 2 cross countries of better then 4hrs and so far I really like it. I havenít noticed the extra weight at all. Itís extremely quite when itís on almost too quite at first. I havenít flown in the summer yet but I think itís gonna be ok. I donít like the elastic band for the visor itís a Pain in the butt. They do have the new one coming out that has a slide bar. Which they have one coming to has a magnetic chin snap release that easy on and off .I had a few Bose head sets laying around so I decided to send off and have them installed in the helmet that turned into a fiasco Iíll just get them from them next time. Anyhow if your thinking of a helmet this ones worth looking into.
    I like it👍
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