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Thread: Carbon Cub panel facelift

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    Default Carbon Cub panel facelift

    Recently one of our loyal customers had a thought to upgrade the avionics in his Carbon Cub SS N82LG. This airplane was already well equipped from CubCrafters with the GarminG3x Executive Glass touch panel and Garmin auto pilot as well as a GTX345R transponder with ads-b in/out. He purchased this E-LSA airplane alittle over two years ago and like many on the forum here, he just cannot get enough of our airplanes. He loves them, we all do.

    Well last spring we had a unique model come on the market pre owned and he had to have it. With the panel, it was one of the few more capable Carbon Cubs we had built and it was back on the market. Larry lives in MA and frequents Nantucket where the coastal transition can offer up quite a soft deck marine layer. He would usually go by air in his helicopter or a Seneca but Larry wanted to do it in a Cub, his Cub. But 82LG was not as capable. At least not yet and N92LG would be the perfect ship. So what could be better than owning 1 Carbon Cub but owning two Carbon Cubs. So we delivered 92LG last May and it has been the steed of choice until now. Now, N82LG was going to get a facelift too.

    Here below are a few pics of the two panels. Nexair Avionics gets a little prop here for the great job they did on the install and in short order. You will see the two panels have their unique layouts but both are super functional and Larry says both are a ball to fly.“ Now it is just trying to decide which Cubto fly”???

    Here is a list of what was added to N82LG.
    Garmin GMA245R Audi panel, heated pitot tube, Garmin G5 backup with battery backup and a GAD29 connective kit. In addition a Garmin GTN635 as the alternateNav/Com and since the Garmin auto pilot head had to be moved if it was to be kept, that meant a remote com in this case a Garmin GTR20 had to be installed since the AP head was moved to the space the radio head previously held on the right side. Thank you Nexair & CubCrafters. MK
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    Default Re: Carbon Cub panel facelift


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