CubCrafters Northeast today hosted a group of 8th graders at the Saratoga County Airport in upstate NY. These kids likely were on their first career day to learn more about what goes on around an airport and the careers available to them in aviation. From being a lineman to an airline pilot and all points in between. Some had never been in or on a plane. Many in my group expressed interest in the maintenance side. Itís really cool to see and hear what their preconceived thoughts are.

Sadly, itís also a shame that the world has become such a place that 4 kids could not be in the group photo because their parents did not sign the photo release. I know I never had to have a photo release on any school trips I was ever on and that includes the one to France. Point is these kids learned alittle bit more today about what is available for their future. Share aviation everyday someone is listening704F9DE4-33DA-497D-A537-C9C844C8442B.jpg2E8E9EFE-3082-4A3B-98C8-DF5E9692006E.jpg4B0E2668-535E-4585-A3F4-BDC33A91BC06.jpgFCB4F14F-48DB-4D18-B8E3-C5D9D17B05FC.jpg