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Thread: Remote Magetometer Mounting

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    Default Remote Magetometer Mounting

    Thinking of mouting my Dynon Skyview remote magetometer behind the fuel tanks in my EX3 wing. I saw others talking about it but no pictures or details were given. I attached a conceptual picture. Can I access the inboard rib later for removal and simply put screws through the false spar and some brackets to mount? Any advice or pics are greatly appreciated.

    Mark Carey
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    Default Re: Remote Magetometer Mounting

    Are you using the older traditional SV200/201 adahrs-magnetometer unit or the newer Sv Mag 236? I wont get too far into the details but the Skyview systems we have installed here used the SV200/201, its what was available at the time. We mounted them on the forward side of the aft spar and I think we were in the first empty bay outboard of the tanks. On the older D 180 systems we mounted the magnetometer that system used in a similar location. Dynon, like Garmin and everyone else, does have some specific requirements for mounting, both in the physical requirements and for electrical and magnetic requirements as well. Personally I would not be too enthusiastic about trying to mount it to the false spar or between any ribs or anything like that, not solid enough in my opinion. One does have to leave room for the pneumatic plumbing if you are using the older SV200, the SV236 appears to only need wiring.

    Mike Sutton
    Cubcrafters Avionics

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