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Thread: Plane to Plane Comparison

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    Default Plane to Plane Comparison

    We own 2 Sport Cubs.
    2007 serial number 53 N536CS, her name is Sierra.
    2008 serial number 73 N5058 her name is Priscilla (Pris for short, long story)

    Our planes are very similar yet, Priscilla has continually out performed Sierra.

    Today, with equal fuel loads, I was able to fly both planes back to back.
    Same runway and route, Same pilot, same technique on both. The difference is that
    my husbands aircraft Sierra has the HP mod and a Catto prop.
    My plane Priscilla has the stock engine with the Sensenich ground adjustable with a 48 pitch cartridge. I removed the 50 pitch cartridge for the better performance on takeoff. Both planes have Acme gear, 26's and Baby Bushwheels. There is a computed 2 lb difference between them, with My husbands aircraft being lighter.

    I have always attributed the performance difference between the two planes as the difference in our weight. He does weigh more than me!

    Attached are the photos from this mornings flight annotated with the slight difference between the two aircraft.
    Hopefully this comparison will help others with decisions on equipment and performance.

    And for those curious about the indicated fuel burns they do compute out to be quite accurate. We both lean aggressively and the Emag has reduced my fuel burn by .5 gph. The smoothness that the emag provides is amazing and will hopefully translate to longer mag life. (Since TCM doesn't like my prop!)
    Attached Files Attached Files
    Scott and Kim Huntington
    2007 CubCrafters CC11-100 "Sierra"
    2008 CubCrafters CC11-100 "Priscilla"

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    Default Re: Plane to Plane Comparison

    Nice write-up, Kim!! Thanks for sharing.

    Chip Allen

    SWT Aviation, Inc.
    Cubcrafters Southeast Sales Center
    Marietta, GA

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    Default Re: Plane to Plane Comparison

    Could it be the feminine touch?

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