We removed the AOSS shocks and added the Acme Bush Shocks to our Sport Cub 536CS on Friday, 10 March 2017. With just one flight, I noticed a remarkable change in dampening roll motion during taxi, absorbing landing negative Z axis forces, and no squeaking.SC 536CS Acme Bush Gear.jpg
I have 50 hours on the bungees, 190 hours on the AOSS, but the difference in the Acme was apparent in one flight with two landings.

Have to thank Ben and John Hodges, the Sport Cub gear requires shorter strut lengths than the Carbon Cub (or anything with the 3 X 3 gear). They worked with Acme to make a custom set to fit the 28.25" strut size needed on the Sport Cub. They installed in 15 minutes, can be adjusted with both the upper and lower strut joints attached, and look great. We also add a clear protective tape to about all the leading edges (including the Shocks) to protect against exhaust, bugs and dirt.

Will fly more and get some added information.

We added a second Sport Cub (N5058) to the fleet in November 2016 and am planning the Acme upgrade for it as well

Scott & Kim