I don't have much time in the XCUB ( maybe 3-4HRS)so with the Wind howling earlier today thought I would steal Chips new demo and go see how this new XCUB handled the winds. Bet he won't leave it at my place again😄
So I headed south to find a RWY with a good cross wind. Around 4:30 it's was 260@28 gust 37. Landing and Taking off on RWY. 31. I was very impressed with it handling the cross winds,the new spring gear felt solid as a rock. I normally will land diagonal across runway with cross winds like that. But landed on the center or close to it and tried to keep it there just to see how it would do. Absolutely no handling problems with taxing. Did a few landings with full flaps again very manageable hit the ground dump the flaps and it was rock solid on the ground.The way it handled the turbulence in the air was Amazing! I was Expecting to get the crap beat out me like a normal cub. I was alone so nobody to measure but I don't think I was using 50-75' take off or landing.
(nobody would go with me)

I came back to the house just before sunset Wind had died down,reported was 290 @11 Gust 17 RWY 27 Density Alt 1700' 180lb pilot 40 gals of fuel 25lbs in baggage. T/Os120' +\- Landings 130+\- I'm sure a guy with some stick time in this could cut that down some!
Best was 117' take off 125' landing. I found with the XCUB if you let the plane accelerate before you pick the tail up it really cuts down on take off roll. I was using a lot of energy to pick and keep the tail up the first 50'. I would say flying this in winds 25+ is a non event very pilot friendly.
Im Impressed!!
(Still in one piece Chip)
Other videos didn't turn out to dark!