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    Default Tavares Flyin

    Customer called me Fri asked if I wanted to come get his float plane and take it to the Flyin, like I was gonna say no?There was absolutely no competition here only 10 planes entered the contest. In fact I took off with out flaps to give them a chance. When ever you show up with a Carbon Cub the contestants have to just hate it,but the crowds love it. Not sure why it said shortest landing it was actually power off spot landing? Gary went to it last year and kicked butt!
    Then Karen and I stopped a redneck sand bar on the way home and said hi to the air boaters( there is no less than 20 airboat on the other side of the plane) I'm the one with Cubcrafter shirt and no beer😄
    Fun Sunday!
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    FLYING magazine included photos of the Tavares event in today's newsletter (link below). The photographer snapped you twice (photos 3 & 17 of 22) in what the caption identifies as a "seaplane".

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