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Thread: Buy a Top Cub!!

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    Default Buy a Top Cub!!

    July 10, 2002 we bought "Sonshine" brand new from CubCrafters. If you are considering buying a Top Cub, all I can say is jump on it!! Getting out and enjoying God's great creation, flying one of their planes, is the second most thrilling thing in life. The most thrilling being, landing!
    Seriously, given the opportunity we would do it all over again. There is nothing certified in this catagory that comes close to a Top Cub!

    Thanks CubCrafters for the years of blessings you have provided so many people by building such a fine aircraft. Keep up the good work!

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    Default Re: Buy a Top Cub!!

    Ditto that! Just attended our first fly in camping trip in the Gila National Forest in western NM. All I can say is, dream come true! The Top Cub is incredible! N202HS

    Psalm 19:1
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