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Thread: Vent the crankcase

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    Default Vent the crankcase

    I just heard of a suggestion for being kind to your engine that seems to make sense and I wonder if anyone else has any intelligence on the subject.

    The suggestion is to unscrew the dip stick after a flight and leave it so that the fill tube is open. As soon as this is done, hot steamy air containing water vapor escapes from the fill tube. The idea is that this gets the moisture out of the crankcase where it won't condense and cause rust.

    I have heard of and seen de-humidifiers, but this seems easy and while it might not get all of the moisture out, I don't see how it could hurt.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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    Default Re: Vent the crankcase

    Seems like a good idea. A lot of moisture is removed..but not all.

    The breather lets blowby out...opening the oil fill allows a path of cold dry air in and hot air out. But until air and oil in crankcase cool completely, the air and oil hold more moisture that will later condense.

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