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Thread: Oratex covering?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark W View Post
    Does anyone have experience or opinions about the Oratex covering technology?
    OK , here goes , i am building a wood frame camp trailer and am considering using one of the aircraft fabric covering methods to skin the outside , my whole goal is light wieght , if anyone has any ideas , cautions , or experiences with this idea i would greatly appreciate your input. Happy to share photo's

    thanks much...crazy mike

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    I think any of the covering systems would work for what you are trying to do. One consideration for a camper would be light blockage. Polyfiber and Stewart will block 100% of the light coming through. Light colors in Oratex, airtech, and super flight won't block light. Lots of info on the web on fabric. Guys on aviation forums probably won't be to helpful on "how to cover my camper". Good luck.

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    I'm seriously considering Oratex, especially as spraying is not permitted in the city-owned hangar where I'm building.

    One thing I haven't worked out is how to blanket around the tail to top stringer transition.

    The normal rule is not to join pieces or glue to a stringer, but I believe the CC factory attach the seam in the top envelope over that stringer.
    So which option would be best?:
    • Bottom, 2 sides, 2 sides of stab and then top blanket (no structure to join top pieces over?)
    • Bottom, 2 sides overlapping and joined to top stringer and stab (is fabric wide enough?)
    • Bottom, 2 sides, 2 top pieces (left and right) overlapped and joined as above.

    The only other option I could see that may be possible is to use Stewart's System and finish with just brush coats of EcoFill and then get painting finished professionally after Phase 1 flying.

    Any thoughts?

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    Default Re: Oratex covering?


    Mitch should weigh in on this. I don't think he's too impressed with Oratex.

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