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Thread: Chuck and Ryan's Build Tips

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    Default Re: Chuck and Ryan's Build Tips

    Quote Originally Posted by ceslaw View Post
    Relocating the Kannad ELT. ......
    Thanks Chuck ! Another very good suggestion !
    But now I don't know what I'll do any more !
    I will show you my final mounting.
    Now, I'm busy building a wing-rotator from scrap...

    Two questions induced by your last pictures Chuck:

    1- The VELCRO that you use for the fire-extinguisher, is that the one from CC ?
    2- I see you build an EX2. Will you use the std forward stick ? Me, I don't like the PTT position on that one (too low!) and I'm looking to put a better grip. The EX3 one is very nice, but apparently not suitable for the EX2. Any suggestion ?
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