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    I just recently started flying a Top Cub on Wipline 2100A's after coming out of a Husky. First off, Bravo to CC for building a beautiful machine that gets me giddy. Also great job on most of the cockpit ergonomics. I'm 6'6"/205lb and am very comfortable in the front seat. This wasn't the case in the Husky.

    My my only pet peeve (other than the heel brakes...) so far is the stick length. It's SHORT with zero grip. I find it's difficult to hang onto with the stick full aft (ie on the water), especially if your hand is the least bit moist.

    Does anyone else find this to be an issue?

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    The Husky stick is quite long so I'm sure the Top Cub seems short by comparison, but I'd prefer it a longer frankly too. I find that I get used to it though after a few hours of flying. Our parts department keeps some thin foam rubber grips in stock which would likely help with the slipping with wet hands, I see they're not in the web store but feel free to give them a ring, 509-248-9491.
    Randy Lervold

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