Attention CC18 Owners,

Today CubCrafters will be mailing Service Bulletin 15 (SB0015) with included hardware. SB0015 can also be found on the Owner Support page of the website HERE. This document concerns the cotter pins securing the clevis bolt nuts at the base of both the fwd and aft control sticks. The clevis bolt attaches the lower end of the control stick to the elevator cable and torque tube connector. The cotter pins securing these clevis bolt nuts may come in contact with the torque tube during operation, leading to possible failure of the cotter pin. SB0015 provides an alternate installation method to eliminate the possibility of interference.

There have been two reported occurrences of cotter pin interference; one that was partially worn and a second that was completely worn. This condition could lead to the clevis bolt nut backing off completely and be cause for a complete loss of elevator authority. In the interest of safety, all CC18 aircraft owners are being sent clevis bolts and cotter pins to replace any previously installed hardware that exhibit wear or interference.

Please contact customer support for any questions or concerns you may have.

Adam Sloon