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Thread: Sensenich comp prop vibrations?

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    Default Re: Sensenich comp prop vibrations?

    Not quite three years and 250 hours and all is well. No plans to change the prop and I already had Slick mags. I have changed the pitch link from 50 to 48 and noticed a reduction in take off distance of about 10 per cent with a reduction in the top end speed of 4mph. I like the ease of changing the pitch links and will do it as long trips approach.

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    I have one on my Ex 0200A no flap super cub with slicks and no problems. I love the prop, it's been on 52 pitch most of the time and still gets off under 300' at 1340 msl and 100 mph cruise at 2450. I carry a torque wrench and a 46 and 48 but have not had to use them yet. Great prop.


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    Glad to hear you had the propeller dynamically balanced, I always recommend having your prop balanced anytime something changes like a new spinner, new prop, overhauled pro, new engine mounts. It is important to balance the entire system in a running state in order to reduce vibration levels.

    Once it is balanced you will want to mark the spinner and prop location so they always go back on the same way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by couleeone View Post
    I am going to throw this out there for feedback

    I have the Sensenich Composite Ground adjustable prop on my Sport Cub. I have around 900 hrs on this prop. I absolutely love the enhanced performance and the immediate thrust this prop provides especially in STOL situations.

    I discovered a broken prop hub bolt at around 450 hrs m/l of use and just recently discovered another broken bolt at around 900 hrs m/l of use. It is actually the same hole.

    In the beginning I gradually picked up a vibration, after the bolt broke and Sensenich rebuilt the hubs when the vibration started to develop again I had the prop balanced successfully, however after awhile the vibration started again.When I had 7AK down to catch up on all the CC bulletins last Summer I sent the prop and hub back to Sensenich and they graciously rebuilt the prop and hubs at no charge! No vibration for the first 50 hrs after the rebuild but now I have a vibration along with finding a broken hub bolt again. I had the bolt extracted by a machine shop and re-installed the hub and prop; test flew it and still have a vibration.

    During the time between 450 hrs of use and 700 hrs I had multiple mag issues i.e. broken shaft, spring broken, parts coming loose etc. There was some rumor of the vibration from this prop on other sport cubs possibly causing mag problems.

    I also have had some apparent cartridge wear, don't know yet if that has effected performance or not.

    Sensenich have very responsive to my issues and supportive. They are working on the issues.

    What I am looking for is information to provide them and me to see if any of you other comp prop users have had similar or any other issues?

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