Subscribing to Forums is a very useful feature. Instead of having to check back all the time to check for new threads and posts you can opt to receive a daily e-mail with a recap of any activity in each forum. Note that forum subscriptions apply to individual forums, not the whole forum set. That way you choose only the forums you're interested in. Of course we're happy to have you check back often, but the subscription feature helps you keep in touch more efficiently.

How to subscribe to a forum...

Step 1: Go into the forum you wish to scribe to

Step 2: Once in the forum, go to Forum Tools | Subscribe to Forum

Step 3: Select notification type
I recommend "Daily updates by e-mail" here.

Step 4: Select Add Subscription

To manage your forum subscriptions just click on the Settings button at the top right of your screen, your forum subscriptions will be listed at the main Settings page and you can unsubscribe from any of them at any time.