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    Default Dynon D1

    We tried out the Dynon D1 in our Carbon Cub. It was mounted to the window using the included suction mount which allows use in addition to the Electric Turn Coordinator. It works very well and could be quite handy in a pinch. On certain aircraft one could remove the electric turn coordinator, 1.2 lbs, and place the Dynon D1, 7.1 oz, in its place using the included "pinch mount" using the empty space left by the removed turn coordinator. We tired the latter install for the attached photo and the swap out took less than five minutes. The D1 comes with both of the mounts I mentioned in this post. I'll add the disclaimer; We're not encouraging pushing flight or certification rules..... we're just sharing what we've learned about some new technology
    If any of the North Central folks are interested in one give us a call.
    Ben Redman, GM
    RARE Aircraft Ltd

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    Default Re: Dynon D1

    I got to put my hands on the D1 while at OSH and it is one slick piece of technology.

    For those of us that fly many different airplanes, its portability is a great feature.


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