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Thread: Fathers Day Climb Contest.

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    Default Fathers Day Climb Contest.

    We attended the Fathers Day Fly-In at Stanton Airfield yesterday. My father flew the Carbon Cub SS and I flew the red 450 Stearman. Our friends Chuck and Jody Doyle brought their 450 Stearman and Decathlon. The Carbon Cub out climbed the whole pack and, held its own in cruise. If you have ever been in a 450 Stearman you know the ridiculous climb rate they are capable of. Dad and I did a formation take off and I gave the Stearman all it had for climb. He hung right on my wing and I thought for sure I had him. About the time I thought victory was eminent Dad exercised his "remaining inch of throttle" and beat the pants off of me to 3,000 feet. That experience knocked the shine off of my macho 40+ gph, prop barking, belching show smoke experience....especially when there were ample witnesses Carbon Cub SS out climbs a 985 Cubic Inch four winged elevator. All he needs now is show smoke like Calvin Brant has on his CCSS.
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    Default Re: Fathers Day Climb Contest.

    What a fantastic thing for you and your Dad to be able to do on Father's Day... just doesn't get any better than that!!!
    Randy Lervold

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