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Thread: Packwood WA (55S) burger run

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    Default Packwood WA (55S) burger run

    Someone posted on a local aviation message board that good burgers were to be had at a place called Cliff Droppers, walking distance from the airport in the small town of Packwood WA.

    That's all the excuse we needed! First, though, we had to wait for the morning fog at Pearson (KVUO) to clear. When sufficient blueage appeared, the other two guys in a Maule M7-235 and I in my Sport Cub launched and headed up to Packwood.

    Packwood sits in a narrow canyon in the Cascade foothills south of Mt. Rainier. It was a gorgeous trip and the burgers were as good as advertised. But the best part was back at the fuel pump at Pearson: The Maule took 24.5 gallons for the trip (even at reduced power to stay with me), while the Sport Cub only needed 12.5 gallons!

    South and east flanks of Mt. St. Helens:


    Among the weirder sights: a small herd of elk hanging out in the Packwood city park:

    Jeff Jacobs
    Vancouver WA / KVUO

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    Default Re: Packwood WA (55S) burger run

    Great photos Jeff!

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    Default Re: Packwood WA (55S) burger run

    Nice pictures!

    Packwood is fun to fly into when they have the flea market/yard sale. I went last September and had a awesome time. There were only about 12 airplanes that flew in. If you drive in there is backups of traffic for miles if its the wrong time of day.

    Pete D.
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