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Thread: AZ Backcountry Fly-in/camp, Mother's day weekend, Young, Arizona

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    Default AZ Backcountry Fly-in/camp, Mother's day weekend, Young, Arizona


    May 11-13

    The Arizona Pilot’s Association and the Recreational Aviation Foundation
    Invite Backcountry Pilots and aviation enthusiasts out for a good time!

    You won’t want to miss this one as we enjoy the beautiful Young area and its people. The community will also participate in the Saturday afternoon Mother’s Day Eve potluck dinner and music around the campfire, so bring a dish and your instrument.
    Sunday morning breakfast provided for pilots!

    Arrival: If you like, a few aircraft will be arriving Friday afternoon and most arriving Saturday Morning. Plan on high density altitude.

    Activities: Depending on weather, and pilot discretion, we plan an aerial tour of cliff dwellings, canyons, etc.

    Of course, the Potluck dinner on Saturday afternoon with music and fun around the campfire.

    The APA and RAF will also be installing an official fire ring and a shade at the airstrip, and other maintenance items, so we’ll take all the help we can get on these activities.

    Please RSVP ASAP as we need a count for Sunday’s breakfast!

    Contacts: Mark at 520.826.2112 ~ Tommy at 602.708.2040


    Bring a dish for a 4:00PM potluck dinner on Saturday. Sunday morning breakfast will be provided and cooked by Charlie Pitkin, with perhaps a little help from her hubby Paul.

    All other meals are on your own, with a charcoal fire available for cooking.


    It’s the perfect time of year to spend the night under the stars with your flying friends!

    Comply with Leave “No Trace” Land Ethics. For information go to


    Plan for COOL WEATHER. Go to

    Payson WX AWOS-3: 119.325, (928) 472-4260, 21 miles NW of Pleasant Valley Airstrip

    Safety Note:

    24AZ is a “Back Country” airstrip and, as such, should be considered in Flight Planning. Both pilot and aircraft should be capable / skilled in landing and taking off on narrow, short, and soft field airstrips. As Pilot in Command of your aircraft, it is your responsibility to determine whether you can safely land and takeoff from this airstrip. Crosswinds and high density altitudes are not uncommon in mountainous areas such as Pleasant Valley Airstrip.

    See also and click on the Events tab.


    If weather forces a cancelation, we will send you notification by Friday afternoon and post it on the above Facebook site. Of course, it is your responsibility to determine yours, and your aircraft’s, weather and crosswind capability.
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