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    Default Electrical Questions

    Hello Everyone,
    Last night attached Randy recommended Battery Minder via cigarette lighter receptacle.
    Today airplane battery completely dead.
    do not know why.
    Could Battery Minder drain battery???
    I removed the cigarette lighter plug and put on the alligator clips and attached
    directly to battery terminals.
    As I do not yet have a cigarette lighter voltmeter I plugged my iPhone into Cub using phone car charger
    and both with and without charger connected to battery terminals NO iPhone charge at cigarette lighter
    in new CC. Do not know where problem lies.
    I am hopeful the new battery will charge with the battery minder attached to the terminals by tomorrow.
    Set on 4 amps, flooded
    Any thoughts
    N89DB brand new CC

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    Default Re: Electrical Questions


    Two simple checks I would start with:

    One; Check the fuse for the aux power circuit. It should be right next to the battery if you lift the seat up. 5 amp blade type.

    Two; Look at the back of the aux power plug with a flash light, make sure that both of the wires are connected.

    Pete D

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