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Thread: Night VFR allowed?

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    Default Night VFR allowed?

    In this month's issue of Flying the question of night VFR was raised. I looked in the CarbonCub POH and only see
    an approval for day VFR.
    It seems that as long as "approved" lighting is installed that the airplane could or should be also be OK for
    night VFR. The Remos LSA is OK for night VFR. Anyone thought about this?
    Alan Maurer

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    Default Re: Night VFR allowed?


    Two things to think about here - the airplane and the pilot.

    First, the SportCub and CarbonCub are certified out of the factory as S-LSA which for our airplanes is day, VFR only as the POH specifies. I am not familiar with what Remos did but if they had their airplane certified for night flight that certification only applies to their airplane.

    An owner of one of our aircraft can have his airplane re-certified as an E-LSA if he/she so desires. In doing so, one of the perks available is that the airplane can be flown at night in VFR conditions IF the pilot in command is a private pilot or better and the airplane is appropriately equipped for night flight.

    The second thing to keep in mind is the rating of the pilot flying (ie certificate limitations). A Sport Pilot is prohibited from flying at night (among other things) regardless of how the airplane is equipped. So a CarbonCub certified E-LSA or a Remos certified for night VFR can't be flown at night by a Sport Pilot, only a Private Pilot or better.

    For all of those private pilots who are transitioning to sport pilot rules, a different mind set will be required if they are to remain totally compliant with the big book.


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