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Thread: Fuel/Oil Burn rate

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    Default Fuel/Oil Burn rate

    After recording my fuel and oil burn rate now for 450 hours on my computer and on a manual data sheet I can report the following regarding our 340 motors:

    My typical flight is 2300 rpm, under 2000 ft, leaned, with lots of take offs and landings a Catto 78x54 prop. These numbers are the same ( believe it or not true) with 26 inch Bush tires or 1500 Bauman Amphibs.

    1) Fuel burn 6.98 gal per hour
    2) Oil Burn .12 Qt per hour

    Interstingly I also noted that between 2400 and 2000 RPM a 100 rpm reduction results in approx 40 min additional duration. Best Gary

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    Default Re: Fuel/Oil Burn rate

    Good data, thanks Gary!
    Randy Lervold

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