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Thread: 3X3 extended landing benefits?

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    Default 3X3 extended landing benefits?

    Need some help here:

    OK we have posts on the new 3X3 extended gear pros and cons. Let me present some questions and thoughts.

    Here's the deal. First review the thread on the com antenna being knocked loose at

    and the thread on the 3X3 extended landing gear:

    Beside the antenna issue I seem to be attracting under the fuselage and stab holes in the fabric...Two underneath (two different times) fuselage holes and two different times left stab underneath and all the way through holes. I am beginning to wonder if someone is shooting at me?

    The fuselage holes happened when I had 800s tires on and the two stab incident's are with 850s. The stab punctures are exactly in line with the tires leading me to think that the tires have thrown a rock. I have not been off airport this past month so this last stab puncture is either on tarmac or an adjoining dirt strip.

    Who else has had this problem? Will the extended 3X3 gear help alleviate this? What about the tundra tires? does that alleviate debris from being thrown up? Combination of both?

    Here is pics of the latest stab damage

    you can see that the leading edge was hit also
    compressed upper stab.jpg

    the puncture came up through the bottom punturing through the upper.
    compressed lower stab.jpg
    Piper Cub J3

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    Default Re: 3X3 extended landing benefits?

    George: Any ribbed tire will throw rocks. The Goodyears have the fewest ribs but will still throw rocks. I'm sure that smooth tires throw rocks too...but not as many. Call Wup (AK Bush wheel) and ask about the progress on the smooth/lite 8:50's they have been working on. You might also consider some "leading edge tape", at least on that stab. The black looks great with the yellow too. R

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    Default Re: 3X3 extended landing benefits?

    31" tundras threw a rock into the bottom of the stabilator of my son's S-cub ~ tore the fabric and bent the rear part of the metal. My son could feel the shock to the stick. We taped it up with duct tape but the tare and the bent metal was another reason to visit the friendly folks at CC.

    Geo, just budget some $$ for repairs if you're playing on gravel bars.

    I think the only thing that will alleviate that damage is if you land just on pavement or leave it parked in the hanger.
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    Default Re: 3X3 extended landing benefits?

    If you never damaged or wore anything out on your Cub we'd never see you! ;-) (j/k)


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