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Thread: Problems With Dynon CHT Probes

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    Default Problems With Dynon CHT Probes

    Has anyone had any problem with Dynon CHT probes? At first I had abnormally high CHT temps on #2 and #4 cylinders contacted Dynon they sent 2 new probes installed on #2 & #4 cylinders temps back to normal on those cylinders then the high temps were on the #1 & #3 cylinders I bought 2 new probes installed #1 was normal but #3 still ran 40 to 50 degs. hotter than all the other cylinders.084.jpg

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    Default Re: Problems With Dynon CHT Probes

    In the process of developing the cowl flaps last summer we did some testing on instrument probes and accuracy, the Dynon probes and system actually proved the most accurate. Probes can indeed go bad but I've never heard of this being a problem with Dynon more than any other supplier.

    With CHT probes the boiling water test is a sure way to check for accuracy... get some boiling water out there and immerse the probe while watching the reading. Also, if you suspect a bad one, swap it with another cylinder.
    Randy Lervold

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