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Dan, after almost 3 years how has your Poly-Tone covered fabric held up in comparison to the Aerothane on the metal and carbon fiber parts? Do you find now there's a big difference in glossiness between the two products? If you had it to do again, what would you use for final coat?
Paul, I'd say they both look just about like they did when first sprayed. My EX is hangared so that helps but I really see no change in gloss or appearance.

The polytone is a flatter finish and I added their flattener to the Aerothane to match gloss. Both products are easy to spray. This winter I covered a spare set of horizontal stabs, as reported in another thread, and used Polytone and un-flattened Aerothane for trim.

Polytone is is easier to patch and a little lighter weight too according to Polyfiber. If Polytone is put on too heavy it will crack but I haven't seen any of that on this plane.