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Hi Randy, Your like says this device is not to be used with "aviation specific batteries"
Does this apply to CarbonCub batteries?
Well I think I can safely say taking your recommendation and buying a VDC Electronics BatteryMinder model 12248 has eliminated my starting concerns. I am using an Xtreme X2-14 battery and leave the Battery Minder on whenever I leave the Cub. Since I am not able to fly the Carbon Cub every week I was very concerned about the starting issues. Hot starts after a fuel stop was an initial concern. But the combination of the Xtreme X2-14 and the battery minder has never let me down. The battery is now 1 year old and I have about 100 hours of flight time. Hot started after two stops last weekend with excellent results. And when your flights are in Texas in summer, HOT STARTS ARE HOT........John