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Thread: Paint care

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    Question Paint care

    For a urethane paint finish, what's the proper care? Is wax recommended or not? Is there a time period from paint to first wax if wax is recommended?
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    Default Re: Paint care

    Its actually not so critical what's on top, but rather what's underneath. If you ever want/need to be able to do a repair and/or fabric patch and get good adhesion and blending of the PolyFiber build up and then the urethane on top of it, DO NOT use anything silicone based for polishing. DO use pure carnuba based polishes that can be readily stripped with a detergent. Some folks get away with it using synthetic polishes, others end up with fish-eye pockmarked blends and fabric lifting in spots over time if they had to lay patches or new fabric in places. YMMV
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