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Thread: Custom tail graphics?

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    Question Custom tail graphics?

    I see various CC's out there with various tail graphics (vertical fin) in place of the CubCrafters logo. Are people peeling off what CC puts on and putting on their own or is this something to coordinate prior to the build/paint? I love this personalization opportunity.
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    Default Re: Custom tail graphics?

    On my FX-3, I just told CubCrafters to leave off all graphics (even the N-number, which was pending from the FAA). You can order custom vinyl from companies such as Aerographics and put them on after delivery - but there's definitely an art to it! Pro tip: don't try it on a windy day ;-)

    I suppose you could ask CubCrafters to put them on during your build. In my case, the N-number and Flying Tiger motifs weren't available yet so I did it myself (and am still adding things here and there).




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