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    Default Setting up shop

    I am seriously considering an EX2 at my local airport (Twisp, WA, 2S0).
    In preparation I'd appreciate any recommendations onsetting up the facility in my hangar.
    For instance: tools besides common hand and power tools, shelving for parts, etc (how much, best size), work benches, sawhorses (there are lots of versions out there), flooring (carpet easy to walk on, easy to loose small parts), plus any of the many thoughts I'm missing.

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    Sawhorse and table size I went with standard stuff, but I built my own. There are tables known as EAA tables (4X8) that are easy to build and work great. Didn't really use shelving much, left it in the box in most cases as I didn't want a bunch of left over shelves.

    Sawhorses, as mentioned, I build my own as they are nice to setup the wings on. Make them to a comfortable building height.

    If you plan on painting, look at the CFM needs of the paint guns you plan on using. Seems like you can never have a big enough compressor. It's not so much a volume or pressure thing, but the ability to recover or maintain the pressure/volume of air needed. Most of these compressors are not 120V. Then there is the paint booth need. I did a home made one in my hanger and used an attic fan for exhaust.

    Assembly is pretty straight forward and done with mostly hand tools, it's when you get into covering and final assemble that eats up a lot of floor space.

    By your profile, you are familiar with planes. So most of this should not be a shock to you and sounds like you have the time to put into it and get it flying!

    Have fun, it's a great flying plane.
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